Diamond Jewellery

Witness the beauty and brilliance of our timeless diamonds.
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Diamond Jewellery

A certified diamond selected by Liali Jewellery guarantees an offering of a truly extraordinary stone.
Our uncompromising principles for stone quality are what makes our customers invest their trust in us.


From the classic solitaire diamond ring to the sparkly emerald-cut ring,
there is a style and cut for everyone. Liali Jewellery has developed a
wide range of diamond ring designs that cover various shapes
and size to choose from.


The exceptional brilliance of diamond earrings has made
them a popular choice of jewellery.Browse through our exceptional
collection of diamond earrings that look gorgeous
in every size, color, and setting.


Wrap your wrists in diamond bracelets set in white gold,
yellow gold, and rose gold. Even if you are dressed up or dressed down, these glittering must-haves are perfect
for ay outfit.


Diamond necklaces are exquisite accessories to
complement your everyday jewellery collection and make charming gifts special occasions. Shop for carefully crafted
diamond necklaces in an expansive range of styles.


From traditional solitaire pendants to stunning
clusters, take your pick from our plethora
of choices of our diamond pendant collection.


Bold cuffs or modern bangles?
We'll help you decide! Browse
through our collection.

Certified Jewellery

An independent Certificate clearly discolses the details of any item it accompanies, providing confidence for both buyer and seller

Conflict free Diamonds

Diamonds that you find at Liali are conflict free. We believe that your gem
should be clean and perfect in every possible way, including the source
and the intention with which it was mined.


Diamond Care

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth
and are uniquely resistant to damage by heat or scratching. That being said,
diamonds are not indestructible.



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