You can never go wrong with timeless solitaires!
Explore our vast selection of diamond pieces in an array
of styles and cuts! Choose from elegant to classic one-of-a-kind designs.

Classic Collection of Solitaires...

What makes Liali Jewellery diamonds stand out is its stringent standards for color, clarity cut, and brilliance.
Explore our classic pieces from earrings, pendants, and rings... everything meticulously crafted for you.

Single Stone

Explore our minimal and dainty pieces,
perfect for your everyday wear. From pendants to bracelets to earrings.

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You can have a larger looking diamond experience with
our unique illusion setting for that perfect glam look.

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How to Buy Diamonds: The Rule of 4C's

Purchasing diamonds doesn't have to be a tricky task.Here is Liali's 4C's Diamond Buying Guide to give you the information
you need to properly assess each diamond's quality and value with confidence.


Used to define the shape and
proportions of a diamond.

The cut is an essential influencing
factor on the diamond's fire,
sparkle and brilliance.


The color rating of diamond is usually based on the absence of color.
Rating range from D(colorless)
to Z(yellow).The less color
the higher the grade.


Difficult to see with a naked eye,
clarity is the degree to which a
diamond is free from inclusions.
Each diamond receives a clarity
grade on a scale of Flawless to I3.


People often mistake carats as a
measurement of size.It actually
refers to a diamond's weight,not the
diamond's size.Two diamonds of equal weight can have unequal value
depending on the cut,color and
clarity of each.

Confidence comes from Certification

We guarantee you peace of mind, as our diamonds come with an independent certification to attest its quality.
And that certificate will be your peace of mind.

Certified Jewellery

Our International Partners

At Liali Jewellery, we make sure our diamonds are 100% real and certified
by International Testing Laboratories like SGL, CIA, ICI, and HRD.
We believe in Trust above all else.

Conflict free Diamonds

Diamonds that you find at Liali are conflict free. We believe that your gem should be clean and perfect in every possible way, including the source and the intention with which it was mined.


Diamond Care

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth and are uniquely resistant to damage by heat or scratching. That being said, diamonds are not indestructible.



Choose Your Diamond

Select the cut, size, and carat of your choice. Plus choose any shape you like, be it a heart, pear, baguette or a classic round from our wide range of certified diamonds.


Pick Your Setting

Liali has a wide range of setting styles that you can choose from. We can also custom-make the design you want.


Complete Your Ring

Once your ring has been created, you can add personal touches like having it engraved for FREE.

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